WQXR Hannukah Event

I had previously written about Hannukah at Symphony Space. I now wish to cover the experience of being a part of the WQXR musical celebration of Hannukah. My trio was one of three groups to be showcased at this event. It was streamed live last Thursday the 5th of December at 7 PM. It will be post-produced and made into a special Hannukah program for 2014. When it gets aired it will be on stations all over the country. I wanted our “Ashkenazi” portion of the program to show diversity within our Klezmer music. We started with “Tumler’s Bulgar”. I don’t know who wrote this one but I do know it was a favorite of my dad’s. He recorded it two separate times treating it differently each time. The czardas is a standard Hungarian song form. We played our “Hungarian #2” as our second selection. Jacob Jacob’s Farges Mich Nit was third as we wanted to include a song from the Yiddish Theater, We closed with the “Beresh Katz Sher” which was written by Katz himself. Prior to the music I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by WQXR radio host Naomi Lewin. She did a great job as hostess for the evening. I was thrilled that they used some family pictures that I incorporate into my lectures. There’s something cool about a picture from 1898 in Kiev streaming live all over the webworld!!!!  It was a pleasure to hear the two other groups: East of the River and Shashmaqam. We all got on stage at the end of the night for Mao Tzur and Hava Nagila. I must thank my band members Mike Cohen and Christina Crowder for their musicianship as well as a great performance. I will add the link below if you’d like to see the show. Our part starts at the 57:50 mark…..