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  1. Hello Mr. Levitt,

    I found the “Marty Levitt’s Greatest Hits” recording on ebay and was really blown away by the arrangements. Is there a possibility to buy the CDs from the “King of the Klezmer” series? I’d love to hear the other tunes on these albums that are not on the “Greatest Hits” recording.
    In any way, thank you for making this music available.
    Günther Schöller
    klezmer accordionist

    • Hi,
      I am sorry for not responding sooner. I have 3 cd’s currently in the catalog. One is the original “Greatest Hits” which was called Klezmer wedding. The two others are King of the Klezmers and Bar Mitzvah Favorites. Soon I will have another available digitally and that one will be called The Tikva Years volume 1. If you’d like the 2 cd’s I accept paypal. $30 including shipping and I’ll send them to you.
      Dave Levitt

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