What a Week

I must say this may have been the most fulfilling week as far as my Klezmer experiences have gone. On Monday night I had the pleasure of appearing at the Geneology Convention in Boston. I shared the stage with Hankus Netsky, Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel, and Zoe Christensen. We covered the great music and stories of Morris Hollender, Sonia Victor, and we ended the program with the Levitt portion of the program. I met some interesting people after the show. Turns out one gentlemen and I were neighbors a few years ago in Manhattan but we’d never met until this event!!! The following morning a few of us went to the Yiddish Book Center in S. Amherst, Mass. This is where my Levitt family exhibit is on display for all to see. It was my first time there since the exhibit went up last year. I must say the designers did an amazing job with the presentation of the stories and pictures. There are audio samples of music as well as taped interviews with my dad from a few years before his passing. I take great pride in where I come from and this exhibit is a great example of why I feel that way. I got back home on Tuesday night and put my program together for my trio performance on Wednesday night. I had the great fortune of returning to the Eldridge St. Museum and Synagogue for a live performance. The two other members of the trio are Mike Cohen on clarinet and Christina Crowder on accordion. It was truly a magical evening. The venue is second to none and has amazing acoustics. We had a close to capacity crowd that was very receptive and open to hearing our vast array of music. The selections we chose to perform were from the repertoire of my grandfather who started compiling these tunes about 90 years ago. We covered Yiddish, Roumanian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and more!!! The feedback was positive and we plan to get this group recorded in the near future. Stay tuned…..

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