What a nice program we had last night at the Center for Jewish History. There were 3 people that were the focus of the program They were Morris Hollender, Sonia Victor, and my late father, Marty Levitt. My good friend Hankus Netsky spoke in depth about all three of these artists.We had a live band as well. The members of the group were Hankus Netsky on piano, Michael Winograd on clarinet, Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel on vocals, and myself on trombone. This was the first time I had the opportunity to actually hear Morris Hollender sing Jewish melodies he had learned in Europe before WWII. For a guy in his 80’s, he really sounded great. (On a recording in his home a few years ago) Sonia Victor’s story is fascinating as well. She had a suitcase filled with pieces of paper containing her compositions. There were some real treasures in there and it’s all been preserved. We finished the program with the “Levitt Legacy” which I always begin with my great grandfather’s picture from 1898 in Kiev. One musician/composer I always do my best to recognize is Beresh Katz. Mr. Katz was a mulit-instrumentalist who wrote a lot of Klezmer Music. The one we played for this event is called the Beresh Katz Sher. My father was fortunate enough to have Beresh write some tunes especially for him back in the late 1950’s. Special thanks to all my friends that attended and the new friends I met after the program………….In other news……Freilach Time Live will be at the Riverdale Y Senior Center on Friday morning June 14. My live Yiddish/Klezmer radio show is back on the map. The shows are based on the former show of the same name that aired in South Florida over 30 years ago, The host of that show was none other than my dad. I’ve been transferring all the material and will add artist info so the program will be informative as well as entertaining. Some of my featured artists will be Molly Picon, Mickey Katz, Moshe Oysher, Jan Peerce-etc. Of course I’ll add in some family cuts as well. More to come….

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