The Work Continues

I was involved in a couple of nice events this week. My friend Corey Breier is president of the Yiddish Artists and friends Actors Club. He puts on four events a year here in NY. This past Tuesday was a dinner and a Molly Picon Tribute Concert. I worked with Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch, (bandleader), Dan Rosengard, and Matt Temkin. The vocalist was Daniella Rabbani who I hadn’t worked with previously. The concert went over nicely. Everybody in the group complimented each other and the night was a great success. I have to hand it to Corey, it’s like putting together 4 simchas a year. He greets all the guests as they arrive and wishes them well on the way out. A true mensch!!!………On Thursday I had an outdoor concert with my group at Abe Lebewohl Park in the E. Village. We were a quartet this time as trumpeter Jordan Hirsch joined us for the festivities. These kind of concerts have been a staple of our NY culture for a long time. I hope they continue to be forever. The energy of a walk-up crowd in NY is like no other. The E. Village may be a little cleaner these days but there are still a lot of enjoyable characters walking around. I put together a program of Bulgars, Theater songs, a Doina-etc. The crowd response was very encouraging. I offered my version of a kickstarter campaign: 3 CD’s for $20. Yes, they are three different cd’s!!!! The proceeds help produce the next project which is just about halfway done. I was happy to meet a few of the audience members before and after the show. Believe it or not a few of them came up during the show to purchase the cd’s!!! Who am I to turn down a dollar?!! It was great to see some friends in the audience. A big thank you to Paul Brandenburg, Bobby Shubowitz, and Bernhard Ullrich for dodging the few raindrops and coming to the show. A gentleman who lives right across from the park said we were “the best” group to ever play there!!! What a compliment as the caliber of talent on the schedule is quite deep. These kind of comments and audience reaction is what inspires us to keep working. I shall do so…..Next blog is coming soon. It will be about the re-connection with the Grupp family. The grandfathers worked together dating back to the 1920’s. Now the grandchildren are in touch filling in the blanks. Sometimes you don’t realize how close (literally) your family is to another

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