I’m always making sure that everything is all set and ready to go for every performance. Being a side musician is pretty simple. You bring your instrument and maybe a mic or music stand and you’re good. Of course you still have to play your butt off but as a professional that goes without saying. When it’s your name on the “marquis” it’s a different story. All of a sudden your concern is about the other people in your group getting there on time. Are all your charts in order? Did you think out a set-list in advance. I believe the performance is more than just the music you’re performing. The audience needs a chance to breath and process what they’ve just heard. They also have to be prepared for what they will be hearing next. I never like to fit all the music I can into a set or two. My way of communicating with an audience is with music as well as with speech. If you have merchandise to sell make sure you don’t have too few or too many. I’ve been in front of a few hundred people and sold 5 cd’s. There have also been shows in front of a small audience where I’ve sold out of the box of cd’s I had with me. There’s no telling how many you may sell at any particular gig. I usually bring thirty and hope to go home with none. Believe it or not people still ask for business cards. They haven’t developed an app that can exchange info by aiming your phone at a person yet. Perhaps the I phone 8 will be able to do that. It’s not a good look if somebody asks for a card and you don’t have any. It shows that you’re not ready to do business. Now a days as artists we always have to be ready to do business. There’s not enough side work to fall back on if we don’t have our act together when our name is in flashing lights on the old “marquis”. I will be posting soon about a few performances coming up in the near future. I hope I read this blog before I leave for the gig!!!